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There are many ways to play Pokemon, but this practice is not for mobile platforms. However, with the current powerful technology and the talented shaping hands of Nintendo and DeNA, things are different. The latest mobile game Pokemon Shuffle Mobile will bring players back to their childhood.

You can hunt and fight Pokemon right on your mobile phone but in a very different and novel way. Similar to the 3DS version released earlier this year, Pokemon Shuffle is a game that combines many elements of gathering, strategy, action RPG, and match-three puzzles with the Pokemon theme.

Players will join the journey to become the most talented animal trainer. The colorful game world provides an enormous collection of untamed Pokemon, whereby players will have to use a match-three style to win and win them back to their team.

Compared with many previous Pokemon inspired Games such as Pokémon: Magikarp Jump and Pokémon Masters, Nintendo and DeNA, we can say products to be the most standard Pokemon ever.

With powerful creation and the abilities of the Pokemon are kept intact as the original, your childhood is back more alive and lovely than ever. Especially here, you will experience training and upgrading work for your Pokemon to grow with a powerful Mega version.

General Information

Join Pokemon Shuffle, players will still play the role of a beast trainer with the principal task of collecting Pokemon. Recently, Nintendo and DeNA have released the first product of this year based on the cooperation of these two famous developers.

This game is Pokemon Shuffle, which is based on the animated movie Pokemon that is too familiar to global gamers. The game has been popular on mobile devices using the Android and iOS operating systems.

Returning to the Pokemon matches, which is the hot spot for Pokemon Shuffle. As mentioned above, it arranges them as a match-three type. Players only have a certain number of moves per game. So, it is important to have the right strategy before going into battle to ensure victory.

The countermeasures of the game Pokemon such as the flying system and the insect system are also applied here. When pairing three or more identical Pokemon combos, you will activate the ability to fight and may command your Pokemon to attack.

The success of the Pokemon Shuffle version on 3DS is a solid foundation for developers to create addictive puzzle experience and exceptional moments with Pokemon right on mobile. Even if you have never played Pokemon, the interesting gameplay of this game can easily attract you.

Pokemon Shuffle is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. The game comes with the IAP for the players to buy more network play. However, you absolutely need not use this feature but can still win and own the largest collection of Pokemon animals thanks to your training skill.

Background Story

Pokemon is a familiar topic, but up to now, the attraction of these super-powerful creatures has not been reduced at all. In recent times, there are still a lot of mobile Games created under this theme such as Pokémon: Magikarp Jump and Pokémon Masters. However, the characters and gameplay in those Games are similar.

Coming to Pokemon Shuffle, players will play a standard Pokemon game with images based on 100% original. And more than worth mentioning. The game graphics are created by the designers of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Therefore, the attraction that Pokemon Shuffle gives gamers is undeniable.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is a combination of role-playing genre and familiar gameplay of a match-three game where you can meet adorable Pokemon. Your task is to rank three or more Pokemon vertically or horizontally to fight other Pokemon. You are the controller of the funny Pokemon army. You must train them into the best warriors and create championship strength blocks to win matches.

With a tactical role-playing game, taking part in Pokemon Shuffle, players will still play the role of a beast trainer with the major task of collecting the right Pokemon to supplement the strength of their team. From there, gamers will engage in matches according to the story of adventure to explore or confront other players in the colorful world of Pokemon Shuffle.

The matches in Pokemon Shuffle take place in the form of a match-three puzzle. It is a fairly new point, and this gameplay promises to bring many attractive things for players when taking part in the game experience. Not only that, besides defeating the Pokemon, the player when winning also tames and trains them.

Special Features

Despite being an offline game, Pokemon Shuffle also supports network features like any other mobile game. The game was originally adapted from the 3DS platform to mobile and reached the same high quality as the famous Nintendo handheld Games before.

After the experience, we ensure that this was a game or not to play for fans of the Pokemon series.

Conquer multiple tables with many Pokemon characters

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is one of the hottest Pokemon titles with the familiar three-player tables. There are a lot of additional levels and rich auxiliary systems, diverse items for you to explore gradually during the game.

Whether you are first familiar with a diamond-matching style game or have mastered the game in Candy Crush Saga, you will still find joy when experiencing Pokemon Shuffle Mobile with many new challenges.

All you need to do in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is to choose a Pokemon and adventure together in puzzle levels, create combos, attack, and win. Simple gameplay combined with many challenges requires players to hand quickly and use a reasonable strategy to complete the task as required.

A wise experiment

Pokemon Shuffle is a product targeted to mobile platforms. So, the game’s gameplay has wisely chosen one of the most popular and most suitable gameplay types of mobile is the match-three puzzle form by connecting three rows.

Besides, Nintendo did not forget to create a route of levels unlike any other match-three game ever before. That route also makes players feel like they are on an adventure journey in the traditional Pokemon world. It is essentially a smart combination that can make Pokemon Shuffle adapt quickly on a new platform while retaining the identity of the brand line that makes longtime fans unable to turn away.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, although with familiar gameplay, but the content is new. It does not follow the old path, so players will have an interesting experience. While playing, also pay attention to the restraint between the game systems, such as the anti-flying electric system of the insect-based flight system.

After each first match, their winning score and also the amount of money you have will rank players. The bonus coins will buy more weapons and other equipment.

Interesting upgrade in gameplay

Like any puzzle game, players will see a ladder comprising many levels leading to a destination. However, in Pokemon Shuffle, people do not call them levels because they are replaced by a certain Pokemon.

When entering the game, players will be told that they are encountering a Pokemon, try it and conquer. The screen will now switch to match-three, as usual. But the only difference is that each of your links will cause some damage to the Pokemon you are encountering above. Hit until the Pokemon is low on health and that will be the time to launch a Pokeball to collect it.

Now that you have a new Pokemon in hand, you will be able to choose it as a member of the team. If selected in the lineup, the captured Pokemon will appear as a card that will appear during the encounter with the next Pokemon.

The Pokemon on your team will level up each time you match a match-three or match-four the cards that bring them together. Some even strengthen if you level up or achieve perfect joins.

Another noble thing about Pokemon Shuffle is that in the game, it keeps the attributes of each Pokemon as in the traditional line. For example, when you catch a Charmander (fire nature) and put it information, Charmander-shaped seams will do more damage to tree-based Pokemon or insect types. The reason is that fire counteracts tree and insect nature.

As you progress to the next level, the Pokemon no longer calmly standstill for players to hit them. They launch counterattacks with the ability to get stronger and stronger to cause difficulties. Therefore, Pokemon Shuffle is not a simple game, it is brainstorming.

Some drawbacks

Despite being a king of the game industry in the world, Nintendo has created the Pokemon Shuffle with some minus points. The sound, the gameplay, and the picture are hard to criticize. If there are a few upgrades that the player can expect, it is to increase the effect on each level for more sparkling and epic.

Pokemon Shuffle appears to be Pokemon Generation 1. However, these newer generations have not contributed too much. More new generation Pokemon appear is also the expectation of many fans.

The Pokemon world is having a divide between the retro and modern fan types. The nostalgic class is loyal to traditional gameplay while not keen on the appearance of Pokémon: Magikarp Jump and Pokémon Masters.

The modern layer is merely a class of objects using mobile devices fascinated by Pokémon: Magikarp Jump and Pokémon Masters. But Pokemon Shuffle believes it will reconcile both classes of objects, which is another successful strategy of the Pokemon line on a new platform.

Overall Assessment

Recently, the mobile game Pokemon Shuffle, which belongs to the category of addictive diamond matching game, has stormed on Nintendo 3DS. It has just been released on two operating systems iOS and Android with the official name of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile.

Pokemon Shuffle is a puzzle-style role-playing game that appeared on the Nintendo 3DS in 2015 and reached 2.5 million downloads within a month after its launch. Not stopping at that success, Pokemon Shuffle continues to hit the fertile land of mobile Games, where the role-playing genre is very popular. With the mobile version, players only need to slide their fingers to experience this fascinating game.

The gameplay of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is simple and familiar. Players just need to arrange Pokemon into rows of three or more to fight other Pokemon. They also bring the countermeasure between systems in the traditional Pokemon game into the game, such as the flying system and the insect system.

Every time you go through a game screen, you will catch the Pokemon you just faced. You can increase your catch rate by buying Great Balls with coins. It is a very fascinating Pokemon feature. Coins are the primary currency of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile that can be earned in the game or purchased directly with cash.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is available on both iOS and Android platforms. For those who have loved the animated movie Pokemon, it is a game that you should not ignore. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile will give you the feeling of returning to your childhood through the addictive puzzle game for you to have the best entertainment moments.

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump

As a fan of Pokemon, it is impossible not to know the legendary Magikarp. It’s super-cosmic supernatural, a masterpiece of the solar system, a bright aura rank of stupid and useless. Perhaps to be fair, this carp is the first step on the journey to strengthen into a powerful Gyarados.

Also, because of the unique and horizontal image that Magikarp always has an enormous fan base around the world. It is the reason for The Pokemon Company to launch a game dedicated to this stupid fish on a mobile.

That’s right! Gamers can enjoy this unique Pokémon: Magikarp Jump game on Android and iOS. All you need to do is head straight to the bottom of the post and download Pokémon: Magikarp Jump now.

However, if you want to learn more about the gameplay of the game, let’s dig deeper with Magikarp Jump. The game focuses on the only strength of this useless fish; it is unbelievably high jumping ability.

Therefore, a Magikarp coach is to find the candidate with the highest dancing skills and compete in many professional tournaments in the Pokemon world.

Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters is one of the newest titles from the Pokemon franchise, with dozens of trainers appearing. Pokémon Masters possess different gameplay. The game gathers the stars in the series and is expected to launch this summer for both iOS and Android.

This game is one of the latest titles from the Pokemon franchise with dozens of coaches and the most prominent gym leaders in the series. The core concept of the game is inspired by a desire to bring all Trainers and Gym Leaders together with their signature monster cast from past Games for players to compete with.

The game will focus on the Trainer instead of the Pokemon, like other Games. The setting will take place at a new location, Pasio Island. Coaches will gather on this island and will be divided into sync pairs. For example Red and Charizard, Misty and Starmie, or Brock and Onix. There will be 65 pairs by the time the game launches, and the number will increase with subsequent updates.

Instead of traditional turn-based battles, players will take part in a real-time 3v3 match, where you will choose three assimilation pairs to fight AI opponents. The goal of Trainers is to become a champion of the Pokémon Masters League.

Final Words

Pokemon Shuffle Hack APK for iOS is a free puzzle game on the iPhone/iPad with the major character being the lovely Pokemon. The smart screens will create special attacks and be used in the fierce Pokemon battlefield.

Wherever we go, we also hear about Pokemon GO. The virtual Pokemon hunting game is popular around the world. However, Pokemon GO is not yet supported in some countries. It is why many players turn to other Pokemon character Games to play temporarily in the meantime. And Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is also a name among them.

In Pokemon Shuffle Hack APK, the player’s task is to swap the characters on the screen to form horizontal rows or columns of three or more identical units. It is an attack that helps you fight wild Pokemon. With hours of exceptionally addictive and fun gameplay, players will battle, collect, and level up Pokemon with their clever match-three puzzle abilities.

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